Thursday, November 12, 2015

Observation 11/12

  • Wonderings: We wonder if our seeds have decomposed.
  • Water Clarity - Fairly clear. However, some microscopic material floating around, slightly brown.
  • Daphnia – Still how no movement (all dead)
  • Snails – Three big shells found (show no movement, possibly abandoned), two additional baby snails, abandoned shell (Albert) is in the same spot and the snails are not showing active movement, unable to get found. 
  • Evaporation and condensation in both levels (condensation is heavier in the top tier)
  • Soil appears to be moist 
  • Zero plant growth
  • Elodea: Wraps around the circumference of the bottom (some parts appear brown, newer parts are green and healthy).
  • Cotton strings are moist in aquatic level, but appear dry in terrarium level. All three strings appear to be rotting
  • Water level has decreased
    • 9.2 cm
  • Gravel appears to be losing pink color (a bit dirty)
Condensation levels have decreased and there
is still no plant growth. No apparent rotting as
well. However, soil appear to be more moist
than last week. 

Water is clearer than last week. Particles in
water have seemed to have settled. Every string
rotting. The elodea has thrived.

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