Thursday, November 5, 2015

Observation 11/05

  • Wondering: The soil appears to be dry again, and the condensation still is heavy in the upper level. We wonder if the temperature might be a factor to this. 
    • Last week, we hope to see if there were signs of molding. The only molding we see is in the string (aquatic level); however, the seeds cannot be seen. We wonder if they have started to decompose due to the increased water and possible warmer temperature.
  • Research: Cold conditions may result in rot on germinated seeds. Preferably, start the seeds on a heat mat or under fluorescent lights. 
    • When we initially planted the seeds, we kept them in cold conditions (air conditioned rooms); therefore, we wonder if this may have an influence to our plant growth. 
  • Application: When conducting this experiment in our future classrooms, we thought that an experiment as to whether the seeds' initial temperature plays a factor in plant growth would be interesting. 
  • Water Clarity - some microscopic material floating around, slightly brown
  • Daphnia – Still how no movement (possibly all dead)
  • Snails – Two additional baby snails, abandoned shell (Albert) is in the same spot and the snails are not showing active movement, unable to get found. 
  • Evaporation and condensation in both levels (condensation is heavier in the top tier)
  • Soil is still very dry (even with added water)
  • Zero plant growth
  • Elodea: New stems have grown (color is more green, seems healthy)
  • Cotton strings are moist in aquatic level, but appear dry in terrarium level. The part of one string in the aquatic level is rotting (all three strings appear to be rotting)
  • Water level slightly increased
    • 9.7 cm
  • Gravel appears to be losing pink color (a bit dirty)

No plant growth or visual mold. However, the
condensation is still relatively dense. 

The elodea shows apparent growth. As shown
in the picture, the string is starting to rot.
Condensation levels have not changed much. 

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