Thursday, October 29, 2015

Observation 10/29


  • Wondering: There is a significant increase in condensation. However, still no plant growth. Did we add too much water in which caused our seeds to rot? 
  • Research: Growing plants from seeds require a specific balance of moisture and warmth. Dry and cold conditions cause germination failure. Seed coats must absorb surrounding moisture to stimulate the sprout's growth. However, overly wet growing medium can result in rotted seeds. Moisten the seed flat with warm water sprinkled on the growing medium before you plan the seeds.
  • Applications: 
    • Next week, we will check for evidence of mold. 
    • Wetting the seed prior to planting our seeds may have changed our plant growth.

  • Water Clarity – still clear (very similar from last week), but with some microscopic material floating around
  • Daphnia – still show no movement (concluded that they are all dead)
  •  Snails – Abandoned shell (Albert) is in the same spot, one of the bigger snails is in sight (came out of the gravel) but still no movement. Third snail cannot be found.
  • Evaporation and condensation in both levels (condensation is heavier in the bottom tier)
  •  Soil is still now moist
  • Zero plant growth
  • Cotton strings are moist in aquatic level, and cannot be seen in terrarium level. The part of one string in the aquatic level is rotting.
  •  Water level slightly increased
    • 9.5 cm
  • Gravel has not changed.

Condensation levels show a significant increase.
However, there is still no plant growth.

Interestingly, the water levels is not significantly higher
even though water was added. Therefore, we infer that
the water in upper levels evaporated more than seeping 
into the aquatic level. 

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