Thursday, October 15, 2015

Observations 10/15

  • Water Clarity - mostly clear, but with some microscopic material floating around
  • Daphnia – increased in size
  • Snails – increased in size, one abandoned its shell (Albert), showing active movement
  • Evaporation and condensation in both levels
  • Soil is dry
  • Zero plant growth
  • Cotton strings are moist in aquatic level, but appear dry in terrarium level
  • Water level unchanged
    •  9 cm
  •  Gravel appears the same 
        New Wonderings:
  • Would it be beneficial to open up the terrarium and add some water to give our plants a chance to grow?

We observed the water clarity become more clouded and the condensation levels increase greatly, as shown above. However, there is still no change in the water level.

We observed a slight increase in condensation levels in the terrestrial tier, however the soil still appears extremely dry and there appears to be no signs of plant growth.

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