Thursday, October 15, 2015

How We Started

Week #1: How we started

"Building an Ecosystem in a Bottle"

  • Initial Questions: Will our flowers really grow? Would we be able to eat the green beans? 
  • Materials used: 
    • Bean seed (1 green bean seed), Zinnias (3 seeds) 
    • Organic soil: 4 cups moistened 
    • Daphnia (approximately 6) 
    • Elodea (1)
    • Spring water (626 mL) 
    • 2 two-liter bottle 
    • Clear Packing Tape 
    • Gravel (1 dixie cup)
    • Cotton string (3 strings-1 ft)
    • Snail (3:big, 1:small)
  • Goal: Building a sustainable ecosystem in a bottle
  • Procedure: 
    • Cut the already washed bottles (cuts shown in observation #1)
    • Add 1 Dixie cup of gravel to the bottom 
    • Add 626 mL of spring water
    • Measure one elodea plant (18 cm) 
    • Place snails in water (3 big/1 small)
    • Use hammer and nail to puncture holes in the cap
    • Put the string (3 strings-1 ft each) through the hole-leave half for the water and half for the top of the terrarium
    • Make sure the lid of the terrestrial section does not touch water in the aquatic section
    • Fill the inverted bottle with potting soil (4 cups moistened)
    • Plant 1 green bean seed, 3 zinnias seeds 
    • Attach the bottom of the second bottom and then seal them together using tape

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