Thursday, October 15, 2015

Observations 10/8

  • Water Clarity – mostly clear, but with some microscopic material floating around
  • Daphnia – increased in size
  • Snails – increased in size, one abandoned its shell (Albert), showing active movement
  • Evaporation and condensation in both levels
  • Soil is dry
  • Zero plant growth
  • Cotton strings are moist in aquatic level, but appear dry in terrarium level
  • Water level unchanged
    •  9 cm
  •  Gravel appears the same 

      New Wondering:
  • How is there enough water to create condensation in the top tier but leave the soil extremely dry?

We observed that the water clarity was relatively unchanged, as well as the water level.  We inferred that a small amount of the water evaporated, causing the condensation shown above.
Although there was a small amount of condensation present in the terrestrial tier, the soil appeared extremely dry. We did not observe any noticeable plant growth.

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